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A little Christmas song


I hope you had a nice Christmas (if you celebrate it).

On that topic.
The week leading up to Christmas I decided to write a holiday tune just for fun.

One thing led to another and now it's up on Spotify.

This was never intended to become an official single. It's quite different. But who knows, maybe it will get you in a frosty mood. Enjoy.


Share it with a friend if you like it.

Let's talk more at the usual places.

Henrik Flyman

PS. Much more news to come. 

source:  Henrik Flyman

Lacrimosa on the Cover of the Sonic Seducer Magazine

A must for Lacrimosa fans: The new Sonic Seducer 11/21 with co-title + exclusive remix

While Feuerschanz adorn our main title, Lacrimosa can be seen on the cover of the CD supplement and our XXL "The Divine Art" calendar. In the magazine there is an exciting story in which Tilo Wolff introduces the new album "Leidenschaft" extensively. You will also find an exclusive "Raubtier (Predator)" version on the CD!

"Leidenschaft (Passion)" – Lacrimosa could hardly have titled their new, 14th album better. In the 30th year of its existence, the duo presents a work that can definitely be described as the highlight of their work. In addition to the interview with Tilo Wolf, we have an exclusive song on our CD supplement with "Raubtier (Grazioso)".


Orkus!-"Clip of the Night": LACRIMOSA – "Raubtier"

The first delicious treat of the new Lacrimosa album "Leidenschaft (Passion)" on 24.12.2021 is the wonderful video clip for "Raubtier". A song as a desperate dialogue between animal desire, desirous heart and knowing mind.


Raubtier Video

Is this the end - The Video


I hope you are doing fantastic tonight.

Good news. The video for the new single Is This The End is out.

You can find it on YouTube and on my preferred (censor free) video platform ODYSEE.

Let me know what you think on FB or in the Forum.



PS. Check out THIS DARK FORGOTTEN CORNER of Spotify that almost no one knows about.

News from Hernik Flyman

‘Is This The End’ is released


Today is the day.

‘Is This The End’ is released.

I have no idea what reactions to expect. This is unexplored territory and without any filters. It’s the first time where I don’t have a band to “hide” behind.

Let’s see how it goes.
If it is well-received, then this will not be the end.

Check it out on SPOTIFY or get it on iTUNES.

Let me know what you think. Either on FB or in the Forum.



source: Henrik Flyman

henrik flyman

a new beginning?


Is this the end?
Or is it a new beginning?

Actually, it's both.

The new single 'Is This The End' is out this Friday. It's the first music ever to be released under my own name.

Exciting times. It's a new beginning.

Remember to follow:

A bonus.
There will also be a video for this single.

Talk more soon.

Henrik Flyman 

source: Henrik Flyman

Buy the new the Sinlge. Release 26. November 2021

Raubtier (Grazioso)

Sonic Seducer 12/21

"Leidenschaft (Passion)" – Lacrimosa could hardly have titled their new, 14th album better. In the 30th year of its existence, the duo presents a work that can definitely be described as the highlight of their work. In addition to the interview with Tilo Wolf, we have an exclusive song on our CD with "Raubtier (Grazioso)".

source: Sonic Seducer Magazin

*Raubtier (  Predator )

-----Buy your Sonic Seducer Magazine!!-----

lacrimosa , sonicseducer, Leidenschaft

Celebrate the Darkness

Today's trailer has the full impact! It contains excerpts from the new title "Celebrate the Darkness" and it reveals the wonderful, new album cover! In addition, "Leidenschaft" can now be pre-ordered, and this with a surprise! Take a look at the link in the bio!

source: lacrimosa_official 

CD Digipak – 10 Tracks – 55 Min.
(Tracklist follows)

Attention, all orders for "Leidenschaft" that reach us until December 17th, can get their CD signed by Tilo & Anne.

To enter your wish for the signature (like "for Gaby"), please

DO NOT USE the "Paypal Direct-Button", but place your order through the normal shopping Basket. On the last page, you'll be able to enter your wish in the comment field. Please put only your signature wish in there.
The CDs will be signed around Dec 21th. Please understand that - except for Germany - the CD will unliekly reach you before Christmas. But we'll do our best!

CD "Leidenschaft", 21,99 € (


Is This The End



It's been a while.
I hope you are doing great.

The stars have guided me onto an unexpected parallel path that I never thought I’d walk along.

On November 26 I will be releasing the first single under my own name. It’s quite different compared to my existing discography. At the same time it makes a lot of sense. My past musical adventures are blending together and it feels very natural to me. I have no label for this style. But it’s authentic and honest. You will hear undeniable influences from both Lacrimosa and Evil Masquerade. Two bands that have been a huge part of my life over the last couple of decades. But there are also influences from other artists that I have appreciated for most of my life such as Bowie, ABBA and many more.

The upcoming single is titled ‘Is This The End’.
I will not elaborate on the story and instead leave that pleasure for others to indulge in.

The artwork is done by the lovely Maria Schatten from Novosibirsk, Russia.

Just to put any rumours to rest; This is just an addition to what I'm already involved in. Not a replacement.

Much more to come very soon.



Lacrimosa in the SonicSeducer Magazine

Lacrimosa: Release date of the new album is online & trailer online
No Christmas present in sight yet? Lacrimosa can help – with a new album.

This will be released on 24.12.2021, as the band revealed today as part of a trailer. We don't know the title of the work yet, but what we can tell you is that Tilo Wolff reveals many exciting details about the production in the studio report in the current November Sonic Seducer issue!

In addition, you can expect the main story in our December/January issue (EVT: 30.11.21) as well as an exclusive remix on the enclosed CD.

Articles and interviews about and with:

FaunCradle Of FilthMastodonLacrimosaWaldgeflüsterGoethes ErbenHocicoLeaether StripWinterSchattenmannBullet For My ValentineThe KingsPipersFeuerschwanzRavenous and many more.

lacrimosa , sonicseducer

Lacrimosa in the Side-Line Magazine

Photo by

ast month we informed you that worldwide paper shortage would delay the release of the new Lacrimosa album. However, some good news reached us from the Swiss label Hall of Sermon a few moments ago and that is that the new studio album by Lacrimosa will still be released this year.

Shortage of paper was not the only (last) hurdle to get the album ready on time, because also the production process took quite some time and organization to make it happen.

Says the band: “Originally, the album was supposed to be finished and released a little earlier, but due to the restrictions of the last few months, a lot of work had to be postponed and plans had to be changed. Digital networking makes a lot possible, but some production steps, such as orchestral recordings, can ultimately only be carried by all musicians coming together in one recording hall, playing together. But now the work is done and completed and the long awaited album comes out still in 2021!”

After their worldwide live-streaming show from the ISS Dome Düsseldorf for their 30th anniversary, the band is now ready to launch their new studio album this year. More information will follow shortly!

lacrimosa , magazine

New Album Release soon!

source:     lacrimosa_official

From the ashes – from the fire – from the embers!
The new Lacrimosa album is coming in a few weeks!

lacrimosa , New Album

SnakeSkin online again


---- As mentioned already, we are currently digitally muted with Lacrimosa and SnakeSkin, but don't worry, the music is gradually coming back and we have already started with SnakeSkin these days.

Tilo Wolff (@lacrimosa_official) 

New Album 2021

The new album, which is scheduled for release in 2021, was officially announced by Tilo, along with the presentation of one new Song, at the concert in Klaffenbach.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ultimate Lacrimosa week!


We have great news, this is going to be the ultimate Lacrimosa week!
On Friday evening we invite you into our rehearsal room, an absolute world premiere: Lacrimosa Pure!
And on Saturday we invite the whole world to Klaffenbach to watch our open air concert - which will be one of only two Lacrimosa concerts in 2021 - at home on your screen!
More information about this exciting weekend can be found in the link in the bio!

Tilo Wolff (@lacrimosa_official) 

Good Bye streaming services

For various reasons we will be removing our songs and albums from the digital streaming services these days. But don't worry, in a while – although I don't know exactly when – our music will be back on some of these platforms.
In the meantime you can dust off your CDs and LPs again and also watch the beautiful booklets, I personally still enjoy this visual and haptic experience of a sound carrier.
But anyone who wants to buy physical CDs from us will no longer find them in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in many online shops in the foreseeable future. We have to restructure a lot right now over here!
But here's the good news: Our own shop is not affected! Most of the music is still available here! You can find the link to our shop in the bio!

Hall of Sermon Shop - Lacrimosa - Snakeskin (

Judas … feat. Lacrimosa

Release Date Jul 2, 2021



Wooden Box strictly limited to 1500 units including:

*Judas Mediabook 2-CD
*CD "The Sorrows of the Young" in Carboard Sleeve
*2-CD LOTL+ in Digisleeve
*DVD "Becoming JUDAS" in Cardboard sleeve FSK 12
*Cover Alu Print

"German genrefluid visionaries LORD OF THE LOST return with their seventh studio album, JUDAS (out July 2nd, 2021 via Napalm Records). With this sophisticated offering, conceptualized as a double record from the very beginning, the five-piece are cementing their position as exceptional artists that can’t be pigeonholed once more and have undeniably reached the next level with their most innovative and mature record to date. Not only the sound is massive, but LORD OF THE LOSTimpressively deliver JUDAS physically as well: The album will be available as a limited deluxe box, earbook, 2-CD mediabook, 2-CD sleevepack, 2 x 2 LP gatefold recycled vinyl, double music cassette as well as digital version. JUDAS sets off with atmospheric “Priest”, which immediately unveils a leitmotif that runs through the whole record and serves as a uniting symbiosis for the double album, divided in two conceptual parts, Damnation and Salvation, with 24 songs in total. Followed by “For They Know Not What They Do”, it’s clear right from the beginning that all the songs can be experienced the most organic and vivid way: A genuine, unique choir is accompanying singer Chris Harms, whose multi-dimensional voice delivers the haunting lyrics straight into the listener’s mind more strongly than ever. Songs like “Your Star Has Led You Astray” or “Born With a Broken Heart” easily manage to keep the balance between harsh vocals, the distorted sound of fuzz guitars and an overall dark atmosphere that LORD OF THE LOST is known for, whilst “Death Is Just a Kiss Away”, “My Constellation” and closing “Work of Salvation”, for example, put grand piano tunes, authentic strings as well as the sound of a massive organ recorded in a church in the most suitable focus. As the overall topic, LORD OF THE LOST detail the perception of the character of Judas Iscariot, known as highly diverse, and the so-called Gospel of Judas, a paper that's said to consist of conversations between Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot and casts a different light on religious history as it's told in the Bible's New Testament. JUDAS marks the successor of chart-breaking Thornstar (2018, #6 GER) and again breathes the innovative spirit of five musicians who are far away from setting boundaries to their very own and unique art. LORD OF THE LOST has never been that type of creative force that’s pinned to any specific genre and has succeeded in surprising fans and critics with their nonconformism repeatedly over the years. With their new album JUDAS, LORD OF THE LOST not only manage to thematically blur the lines between good and evil and put the so called “salvific treason” into a harmonious soundscape unlike ever heard before, they also demonstrate that they have matured both musically and lyrically - truly an opus magnum! "



Mediabook Judas:
CD 1:
01 Priest
02 For They Know Not What They Do
03 Your Star Has Led You Astray
04 Born with a Broken Heart
05 The 13th
06 In the Field of Blood
07 2000 Years a Pyre
08 Death Is Just a Kiss Away
09 The Heart Is a Traitor
10 Euphoria
11 Be Still and Know
12 The Death of All Colours

CD 2:
01 The Gospel of Judas
02 Viva Vendetta
03 Argent
04 The Heartbeat of the Devil
05 And it Was Night
06 My Constellation
07 The Ashes of Flowers
08 Iskarioth
09 A War Within
10 A World where We Belong
11 Apokatastasis
12 Work of Salvation

CD "The Sorrows Of The Young"
01 Catharsis
02 Syringes in the Sand
03 Deus Absconditus
04 Die Without Your Love
05 This Piece of Art
06 The Last Saviour
07 All I Am Is The Void
08 Obscularum Infame
09 Infinity
10 Supernova

CD 1:
1. Living a Lie feat. A Life Divided
2. Consume Hate feat. Aesthetic Perfection
3. Vergissmeinnicht feat. AnnA Lux
4. Still Life to Die For feat. Ben Christo (The Sisters Of Mercy / Diamond Black)
5. The Darkest Hour feat. Chemical Sweet Kid
6. Into the Dawn feat. Simon Moskon (Cryptex)
7. The Warrior feat. Daria Trusova
8. Old-School Pagan Spirit feat. Robse (Equilibrium)
9. Entität feat. Erdling
10. Doomed Love feat. Erk Aicrag (Hocico / Rabia Sorda)
11. Crimson Masque feat. Face Time Police
12. Your Skeleton Grin feat. Faderhead
13. A Pain That I Know feat. Florian Grey
14. Ohne Zweifel feat. Heldmaschine
15. Sadly Ever After feat. Hell Boulevard
16. Stolen feat. Jaani Peuhu (Mercury Circly, Swallow The Sun, Iconcrash)

CD 2
1. Alles wird gut, aber… feat. Lacrimosa
2. Dein Blick feat. Letzte Instanz
3. Pale Rider feat. Lolita KompleX
4. Revenge feat. MajorVoice
5. Aus und Vorbei feat. Megaherz
6. Bloody Flower feat. Nachtblut
7. Abandon Ship feat. Night Laser
8. The Shadow and the Sun feat. OH FYO!
9. Digging Deeper feat. Scarlet Dorn
10. It Starts with a Crack feat. Solar Fake
11. Fake Gods feat. Soulbound
12. Träume zu Tränen feat. Subway To Sally
13. Die Flamme feat. Sündenrausch
14. Feuerrot feat. Tanzwut
15. Während die Welt in Flammen Steht feat. Unzucht
16. Today feat. Saku Solin (Turmion Kätilöt / Fear Of Domination)

DVD Becoming JUDAS
1 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 1
2 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 2
3 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 3
4 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 4
5 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 5
6 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 6
7 Becoming JUDAS Kapitel 7
8 Becoming JUDAS Abspann


Alles wird gut, aber… feat. Lacrimosa

LORD OF THE LOST have a title on their new album that they have sent to many artists in a purely instrumental version, with the aim of having them record their own lyrics and melodies without knowing the original. The result are 32 different songs, all based on the same basic structure. A great song experiment that we were happy to take part in. Here you can hear a compilation of all versions:
LORD OF THE LOST - LOTL+ Trailer | Napalm Records - YouTube
Have fun with it!

source: Tilo Wolff (@lacrimosa_official)

Concert in Klaffenbach

Good news about our concert in Klaffenbach on July 10th: Due to the high demand, the organizers have obtained a special permit and now more than 1,000 people can take part in the concert!
This means: From now on tickets are on sale again! Ticket link in bio.

In order to enjoy the evening to the fullest, it’s important that you – as it is written on your tickets – inform yourself about the currently applicable security measures. You can find them here: or:
We are so happy to get to see you!

Tilo Wolff (@lacrimosa_official) 

Castle Party in Poland

On Sunday, July 11th 2021, one day after the concert in Klaffenbach, we will headline the CASTLE PARTY FESTIVAL in Bolków (Poland)! A few years ago we played there already, it’s worth it, this festival is absolutely great!
You can find all information here:


Lacrimosa - Open Air 2021

We have hope – we'll try it: For my birthday we return to the stage!
The first concert with audience in almost two years! But be careful, the number of tickets is limited! The pre-sale starts tomorrow, May 21st at 11am:


Lacrimosa Store for America


Today we have great news for our friends in Latin America, the USA and Canada: Your own Hall Of Sermon Shop opens!
In cooperation with our long-term partners, Fans&Bands from Mexico, all currently available records from Lacrimosa and Snakeskin, as well as shirts and more, can now be ordered directly from there throughout the entire American continent! Have fun in checking it out! (Link in Bio)
presale:shipments and deliveries are made from JUNE 11.

Wave Gotic Treffen 2021 (Update)

Dear friends of the WGT,

First of all we would like to thank you for your solidarity and your loyalty, which together have brought us wonderful events within the framework of the WGT over the many years. Our special thanks go to all those who have stood by us in these uncertain times. First and foremost, of course, it is you, our guests, who have bought and held tickets with confidence, but it is also our artists and our partners, with whom we have been working successfully for years. The "culturelessness" of these times affects us as people to the same extent as it affects you. As guests, we have also taken part in numerous events, exhibitions etc. every year and gained a lot of joy from them. We are all missing this now. We can only too well understand how you must feel, as it is simply no different for us.
In the last weeks and months we have worked out different concepts to realise a WGT in an appropriate framework. We have also tried to make these concepts feasible under the constantly changing conditions. This required, among other things, the planning of different venues that deviated from the classic WGT locations, which had to be provided with completely different admission-, hygiene- and security-concepts. We deliberately did not go public with the various considerations, as the half-life of the legislative statements did not provide a serious basis for this.
Now, since the end of this week, it looks as if all cultural events, of whatever size and orientation, and for us in particular of course the WGT, are prohibited. Of course, we are still keeping open the option of holding an event at Whitsun, of whatever kind. However, it is also likely that the framework conditions will not correspond to those of a traditional WGT. Therefore, in the case of such a potential event, the entrance tickets already purchased for the WGT would not apply, i.e. they would retain their value for the following year. Of course, in such a case everyone is free to make use of their right of return. As soon as there are reliable current developments regarding a possible meeting at Pentecost 2021, we will inform you. We, and we think we can speak for many Leipzigers as well, miss you very much and look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible! Until then, we wish you, your families and your friends much strength and confidence!

Yours Treffen & Festspielgesellschaft

Lacrimosa in the german Orkus

Orkus! March-April 2021
6,66 €
including VAT, excluding shipping



Blood on My Name
Lovecraft Country
Sky Sharks

Denkpause ( Pause for thoughts)
Dr. Mark Benecke
The Birthday Massacre

Manufaktur West

In eigenen Worten (In my own words)

The Worst Case
The Second Sight

+ Raffles, music tips, book tips, news reports and and and ...

English lyrics for the new 'Revolution' single.


I hope life treats you well.

Many have asked for the English lyrics for the new 'Revolution' single.

Now you can find what you are looking for RIGHT HERE.
At the moment I'm working on the next single.

It's a really sad tune that is closely related to the topic of the latest release.

I'm trying my best to encapsulate some crushing thoughts and emotions within this piece of music.

If it turns out as I hope, I would like to invite you to be part of a new idea. Let's see how it goes.


News from:

REVOLUTION Spotify Pre-Save Link


It's in the middle of the night in Copenhagen and I have some good news.

I'm happy to offer you a Spotify Pre-Save link for the upcoming REVOLUTION single.

JUST CLICK HERE (share with your friends if you want)

You will get notified the second it's available.


Henrik Flyman

PS. Do you dig the cover? Feel free to post it on social media together with the pre-save link. If you do, please tag me or the band and I will leave a comment.

source: Henrik Flyman Newsletter

Henrik Interview with Russian Dark City Magazine

I recently did an interview with Dark City Magazine from Russia. We talk about LacrimosaEvil Masquerade and more.

It’s now published in their latest issue (#117). 
Get it HERE if you are interested.

Please note, everything is in Russian.

I consider sharing a few of the questions, in English, in one of my upcoming newsletter updates. If you are interested, just sign up HERE.

For those of you who want to hang out, let’s do it HERE.

(В номере:

AC/DC, Линда, Ayreon, Батюшка, Metallica, Leaves’ Eyes, Fates Warning, Lords Of Black, Jeff Scott Soto, Butterfly Temple, Dark Tranquillity, Behemoth, Finntroll, Insidious Disease, Iron Mask, Lacrimosa, Мистер Кто!, Mitochondrial, Sun, Moonspell, Mork Gryning, Pyramaze, Six Feet Under.


Мега-постеры: AC/DC, U.D.O.
Постеры: Ayreon, Leaves’ Eyes, Jeff Scott Soto, Katatonia)

News from:

Lacrimosa 30 Years Anniversary Box Out Now

This hand-numbered box is limited to 2000 pieces, so don’t wait too long if you want to add it to your collection.

It contains three CDs, with a total playing time of three hours and forty minutes + a few other goodies. Everything is packaged in a beautiful black box. Find it HERE.

One of the CDs is a previously unreleased live recording from Lacrimosa’s 25th anniversary shows (2015) in Germany. We played two concerts in Oberhausen and in Dresden that are now made available with this box.

And on the Cover Up CD you will find Evil Masquerade‘s version of Lacrimosa’s Revolution + several other really cool covers by other artists.

On a related side note.
I have gotten a few requests about the English lyrics for the Revolution cover. I will soon make those available to all subscribers of my newsletter. Sign up HERE if you haven’t already.

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