Lacrimosa on the Cover of the Sonic Seducer Magazine

A must for Lacrimosa fans: The new Sonic Seducer 11/21 with co-title + exclusive remix

While Feuerschanz adorn our main title, Lacrimosa can be seen on the cover of the CD supplement and our XXL "The Divine Art" calendar. In the magazine there is an exciting story in which Tilo Wolff introduces the new album "Leidenschaft" extensively. You will also find an exclusive "Raubtier (Predator)" version on the CD!

"Leidenschaft (Passion)" – Lacrimosa could hardly have titled their new, 14th album better. In the 30th year of its existence, the duo presents a work that can definitely be described as the highlight of their work. In addition to the interview with Tilo Wolf, we have an exclusive song on our CD supplement with "Raubtier (Grazioso)".


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