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Tourdates Mexico

Now here are new dates of our time travel tour! Though: these are NOT yet the final tour dates! MORE DATES and COUNTRIES as well as the TICKET LINKS will FOLLOW!
March 14th – Toluca (MX) – Teatro Moreios
March 15th – Mexico City (MX) – Circo Volador
March 19th – Oaxaca (MX) – Club de Leones
March 20th – Puebla (MX) – Auditorio d.l. BUAP
March 21st – Queretaro (MX) – Teatro Metropolitano
March 22nd – Guadalajara (MX) – Teatro Diana
March 23rd – León de los Aldama (MX) – Foro del Lago

by | 8. Oct 2018

The history of the requiem “Testimonium”

by | 21. Aug 2018

On 19.08.2017, my mother died surprisingly after a short illness. Six days before the release of the album “Testimonium”, which I wrote and conceived as a requiem without knowing that my mother would not be in this earth anymore when this album comes out.
The fact that these songs would ultimately accompany this unbelievable loss in my own life – the loss of my beloved mother – and would help me through this personal mourning process moves me deeply until today! She has not heard this album anymore, but these songs reach into eternity and connect me with my dear mother also in the future!

Finally, “Angst” is back as Vinyl

by | 10. Aug 2018

Finally, "Angst" is back as Vinyl.

300 units are sold through our shop.

Ltd Black Vinyl. Release Date: Aug-10-2018 Ship Now!!!
Label: Northeast Steel Industry
First time reissued in 27 years, Special Remastered for Vinyl by Tilo Wolff from the original master tapes.
Akt 1
A1 Seele In Not
A2 Requiem
A3 Lacrima Mosa
Akt 2
B1 Der Ketzer
B2 Der Letzte Hilfeschrei
B3 Tränen Der Existenzlosigkeit

The first announcement

Recently, I wrote to you about the shadows falling upon our upcoming anniversary. Here is the first announcement: In cooperation with Northeast Steel Industry, we will re-release all our studio albums on vinyl and in the original design from now until the anniversary year 2020!
The first LP comes already this summer…
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Tilo´s Birthday

News taken from the official Lacrimosa Facebook.


"Many Thanks! This is so much more than what I deserve!
I thank you! Your birthday wishes are toping everything! What can I say? Thank you!"


cool Tilo celebrated his 46th anniversary on 10th July.

30th anniversary

Our 30th anniversary casts its shadow:

by | 1. Jul 2018

we have a lot planned for the coming months.
More infos are coming soon…
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