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Lacrimosa, well known and established German Gothic act surprise us once again delivering an exquisite piece of art, an astonishing, overwhelming gothic opera which no words can describe.

Let's start by warning that the root of this album is pure classical music in the vein of Mozart, so if you absolutely hate classical music, stay away from this one. Lacrimosa recorded this one with the London Symphony Orchestra, the result, a classical opus divided in three acts that tells the story of an impossible love doomed to fail, culminating in the question of whether love in excess can become a force that ultimately has the power to destroy itself, whether to much love will kill.

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2003 found Lacrimosa with a new album, the long-awaited "Echos". Usually on the covers of the band we could see the happy-sad clown (happy smile/the lie - sad eyes/the truth), but this time on the cover lies a ship, the ship of Lacrimosa amongst the angry waves of the sea, the waves that this fabulous band had to face through all these years to become the great and unique act they are. If you look carefully you'll see that the clown is still there, under the Lacrimosa flag on the back of the ship staring at the past while the ship sails to the future, a future that seems so bright and very promising.

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No matter what you say about Lacrimosa, it will not be enough simply because Lacrimosa is not just music - it's pure Art - a gothic metal/rock opera of emotions and experiences.

Tilo Wolff, the genius mind behind Lacrimosa, in combination with the fabulous Anne Nurmi, pours his soul to the majesty of this very unique band touching our fragile hearts with the beautiful "Lichtgestalt"! The familiar intense dramatic and poetic mood is still present, but how could it be missing since it has been the most important part of Lacrimosa since their very beginning? This time the happy/sad clown of Lacrimosa (happy smile, sad eyes) stands naked in front of the audience, exposing his esotericism, remaining on his knees and being unable to fly with his demon-shaped wings that "adorn" his back.

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