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A quick word ....

A quick word about my last post, as I was accused of pushing Corona so I didn't have to play a tour. I don't quite understand these thoughts. We live from music and concerts, why should we push something forward so that we can't go on tour? I don't want to go into detail. Simply in short, that under the mentioned "current situation" a lot comes together. There are the few available locations for a meaningful routing (!) through the country, as many concerts are currently being made up that should have taken place in previous years, and thus many clubs are simply booked out for months. In addition, the situation in the industry has been quite tense since the lockdowns anyway. Some clubs and many tour bus rental companies have unfortunately gone bankrupt, most of the staff - as well as our crew - have changed professions, and much more. But we are glad that we were able to get the beautiful park stage at such short notice in order to be able to plan this special concert! Since this takes place on weekends and not during the week, as is the case with a tour, it will be easier for the professionally busy crewmen and of course for you. So: Nobody wants to cheat you out of a tour that didn't exist yet, but we can see each other in June and we are looking forward to it very much! I hope you will too. ..

Concerts in Germany 2023!

Since I announced concerts in Germany for spring 2023, we were increasingly told that too many concerts are not appropriate in the current situation in Germany. After careful consideration we have now, together with our German organizer, decided on something special:
On June 10th, 2023 we will play a big Open Air in a legendary location, the beautiful park stage in Glauchau, the former Woodstage area!

Tickets for this are now available: &

So there will be two weekend concerts:
On April 29th, 2023 on the Plage Noire and on June 10th, 2023 the big Open Air Show in Glauchau!
We are so excited and start counting the days!

Not Just Another Girl!

The single ‘Not Just Another Girl’ (which also includes the bonus track ‘A Moon Tune’) is now released if you want to hear it.

It’s largely acoustic, except for a short 3 part harmony electric guitar solo.

It should be available on your preferred music platform.

The Spotify link is HERE.



This one will be quite different.
I’m curious to find out how it will be received since it sounds nothing like any other song I have done in the past.

Not Just Another Girl

Track list:
01. Not Just Another Girl
02. A Moon Tune (bonus)

The release date is set to Friday, November 18, 2022.



Lacrimosa in the german Orkus Magazin

Lacrimosa in the german Orkus Magazin


On Stage
Alice Cooper
Amphi Festival
Deine Lakaien
Die Ärzte
M’era Luna

"Ach du Scheisse!"
"The Owners"
"The Retaliators"

Cinematic Classic
Christopher Lee
"Lost Highway"

Clan of Xymox
L’Âme Immortelle

Die musikalischen Einflüsse von…
The Cure

In Zahlen
VNV Nation

The History of a Hit
Kate Bush


Nine Inch Nails



Concerts in 2023!

In March 2023 we will play a few concerts in Germany – more information will follow shortly – ending with our first performance ever at the great PLAGE NOIRE FESTIVAL in the very north of the republic!

Tour "Update"

The tour preparations for Mexico are in full swing and from now on you can find all ticket links on our homepage
(There are no plans for further concerts of ours this year.)

Mexico Tour 2022

I promised news about our album "Leidendschaft", and now I can tell you already the first move: We're coming on tour in Mexico! After our furious performance at the WGT in Germany, we bring the songs from the current album, along with many other pearls from our discography, during an extended tour through Mexico on stage!

source: lacrimosa

Leidenschaft News

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many, loving and deeply touching congratulations to my birthday! Thank you very much for your love!
In the meantime, we have not been lazy and soon I will be able to announce a few things around our current album "Leidenschaft"! 

Happy Birthday Tilo --- 50

Life with its many dimensions, forms and conditions... after 50 years I am deeply impressed in every way - positive and negative - and whether in the Stille, or in the purest Inferno, in the Einsamkeit or the Echos of the latest Revolution in my life, I remain filled with a deep Sehnsucht, a touch of Angst, irrepressible Hoffnung and driven, yes, even fueled by Leidenschaft!


Lacrimosa WGT Update

Lacrimosa will play on June 5 at 10:25 p.m. in the agra-Treffenpark

Bornaische Straße 210

You can take tram 11 to Dölitz, Straßenbahnhof or bus N9 Dölitz, Straßenbahnhof.

At the box office in Leipzig there will still be enough tickets.

Orkus!-Clip of the Night: SNAKESKIN – "No More War"

On a current occasion, Snakeskin are releasing a new track on the digital platforms, to which Tilo Wolff (Lacrimosa) writes: "All the suffering, the despair, the pain – the feelings that burden us in the face of war can be absorbed and reflected at least a little in the beauty of art. With the wonderful voice of Kerstin Doelle and the fine sound of Lacrimosa Session Orchestra we hope to be able to touch one or the other heart and do them good." 

News from

the video is here

New Single Coming Up

No one has been spared during these last couple of years.

Mainstream media and fact checkers have left us no room for a middle ground. The polarization is enormous.

Some people believe that the truth comes from politicians and TV. Others don’t.

Some people believe that we are surrounded by greed, corruption and evil. Others are convinced that this is not the case.

Friends, relations and even families are torn apart.

I wrote a song.

The Great Divide




news from henrikflyman

LACRIMOSA: "I live a great passion for us humans.

 LACRIMOSA: "I live a great passion for us humans. 

Passion is certainly one of the greatest drives of man, is joy or pain, connects or destroys – and that on very different levels of being and acting. Lacrimosa's current album "Leidenschaft" is similarly multi-layered. In our May/June issue you can read the second part of our conversation with Tilo Wolff. Across the bridge from the past to the new, contemporary documents and extreme developments.


Lacrimosa on the WGT 2022

We are happy to announce that we will be performing as the final band on the final evening of this year’s WGT!
There will be the world premieres of some of the songs from the new album, and of course we will also reach deep into our extensive musical repertoire!
So see you on June 5th, 2022 in Leipzig!

by Hall of Sermon


As a direct reaction to the war in Ukraine, LORD OF THE LOST set a sign for peace and international understanding with new music. Shortly after the first attacks on Ukrainian targets became known, the band around Chris Harms set out to express their thoughts and feelings through a new song and to make a clear statement for peace. To release the song as soon as possible, the accompanying music video was shot by the band with selfie cams instead of their usual large-scale production. Throughout the years, the German band has repeatedly taken steadfast positions on social issues and expressed their solidarity with disadvantaged groups of people. LORD OF THE LOST WILL DONATE ALL PROFITS FOR THIS SONG TO REFUGEES FROM THIS WAR! LORD OF THE LOST on the current conflict and "Not My Enemy": "What's happening in the world right now is not a war of people. It's a war of the authorities. Civilians of different backgrounds are dying and suffering because of this war - inside Ukraine and outside. No human being chooses before birth within which borders they will be born. No border, which is held, moved or broken by the bloodhounds of the autocrats of this world, is worth that sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers hate each other and that innocent children are born and raised into these paradigms and ideologies. This hatred does not begin in a conflict like this, fueled by censorship, information warfare, and fake news - this hatred begins in the minds of each of us, as well as in the comment columns of increasingly anti-social networks. Especially in days like these, as well as in the years to come, it is even more important to understand that the only thing that separates us is what we allow to happen, yet at the core, everything unites us. You’re not my enemy, you’re a part of me. You’re not my enemy, wherever you come from, whatever you look like and whatever you believe in. You’re not my enemy! This song was created as an immediate reaction from us, shortly after the attack on Ukraine. We produced and released it as soon as possible in the hopes that it would touch and make people think. If even one person is reached with it, it was already worth it.”

--- The Video ---


Not My Enemy

You’re not my enemy
We should be living side by side
My reason to believe
We are more than war and pride

Long as I’m breathing
You can lean on me
We won’t be enemies 
We’re family

Open your arms to me  
A friend in need
With dreams that echo mine
From far across the sea
Or the nearest street
As we suffer to survive

I don’t believe in
Their borders or sides
Our bond will never be 
Torn by their fights

You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
All the love will not be gone  
We stand in unity
There will always be
A road that we walk on
You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
Not once alone

You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy

You’re not my enemy
For we can see
We are sharing the same sky
Yes our mother tongue
May be different
But our yearnings unify

Long as I’m breathing
You can hold on to me
For all we ever need
Is humanity

You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
All the love will not be gone  
We stand in unity
There will always be
A road that we walk on
You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
Not once alone 

The authority
Is the minority
Us the people
We’re the majority
Our bond shall never be broken

You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
All the love will not be gone  
We stand in unity
There will always be
A road that we walk on
You’re not my enemy
Not my enemy
Not once alone 

You are a part of me
You’re not my enemy
Through all Insanity
You’re not my enemy  

Brothers and sisters an mothers and misters
And parents and children, we are
All from the same blood
And all from the same womb
All from the same dust of the stars

You’re not my enemy

lord of the lost, Not My Enemy, no war

Lacrimosa in the Orkus Magazine

 LACRIMOSA: Win a signed LP "Inferno"! + new interview !

Some are overwhelmed by it, some are reluctant to surrender to it, others rekindle it every day. Passion is really multi-layered – as is Lacrimosa's new work: "Leidenschaft (Passion)" – the middle part of a trilogy begun with "Testimonium". We chat extensively with Tilo Wolff about this in our March/April issue. You can also win: An LP in gatefold cover with the signatures of Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi! (Photo:

--- OrkusShop 

Is This The End - Lyric Video


I hope you are doing really well.

Many have asked to get the lyrics for the single 'Is This The End'.

I decided to go the extra mile and make a lyric video.

Find it HERE.

Let's talk more at the usual places.

Henrik Flyman 

source:  Henrik Flyman

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