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A quick word ....

A quick word about my last post, as I was accused of pushing Corona so I didn't have to play a tour. I don't quite understand these thoughts. We live from music and concerts, why should we push something forward so that we can't go on tour? I don't want to go into detail. Simply in short, that under the mentioned "current situation" a lot comes together. There are the few available locations for a meaningful routing (!) through the country, as many concerts are currently being made up that should have taken place in previous years, and thus many clubs are simply booked out for months. In addition, the situation in the industry has been quite tense since the lockdowns anyway. Some clubs and many tour bus rental companies have unfortunately gone bankrupt, most of the staff - as well as our crew - have changed professions, and much more. But we are glad that we were able to get the beautiful park stage at such short notice in order to be able to plan this special concert! Since this takes place on weekends and not during the week, as is the case with a tour, it will be easier for the professionally busy crewmen and of course for you. So: Nobody wants to cheat you out of a tour that didn't exist yet, but we can see each other in June and we are looking forward to it very much! I hope you will too. ..

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