No matter what you say about Lacrimosa, it will not be enough simply because Lacrimosa is not just music - it's pure Art - a gothic metal/rock opera of emotions and experiences.

Tilo Wolff, the genius mind behind Lacrimosa, in combination with the fabulous Anne Nurmi, pours his soul to the majesty of this very unique band touching our fragile hearts with the beautiful "Lichtgestalt"! The familiar intense dramatic and poetic mood is still present, but how could it be missing since it has been the most important part of Lacrimosa since their very beginning? This time the happy/sad clown of Lacrimosa (happy smile, sad eyes) stands naked in front of the audience, exposing his esotericism, remaining on his knees and being unable to fly with his demon-shaped wings that "adorn" his back.

Lacrimosa keep on unfolding their grandeur on the composition, atmosphere and emotional levels. They drown the listener in an ocean of tears surrounding him in such a gentle way that he can't, actually, resist the call; and thus he follows, losing himself in the magic of Lacrimosa. The orchestrations are elegiac and classical music oriented and they harmonize beautifully with the deeply expressive and emotional vocals. Tilo Wolff, with his recognizable accent, and Anne Nurmi with her bittersweet enchanting interpretation escalate the emotional charge of the compositions, giving life to the poetic and doleful lyrics that play an important role to the Drama of Lacrimosa.

This time the guitars reclaim the throne they had lost on "Echos". They are heavy for one more time and they don't just have an accompanying role or remain in the background as an atmosphere-evoking instrument. They sound powerful once again, holding the compositions tight along with the rhythm section and from time to time the riffing turns to inspired soloing, which makes the whole feeling more soulful.

The overall aesthetic of "Lichtgestalt" is at the same time fragile and powerful. The orchestral pieces, along with the added choir, evoke a devout feeling, either dreamy or enriched with a sense of dismay, while the guitars, along with the dynamic rhythm section, lend power to the songs in the most ideal way. All in all, "Lichtgestalt" is an intense piece of Art with Tilo Wolff showing a more mature face on the song-writing front and, generally, with the whole entity of Lacrimosa sounding unerring and stunning, once again.

Although the album has a definitive, uniform flow, songs that might stand as highlights include the emotional "Sapphire", which gets more intense as it progresses, reaching an outburst in the end, and the hymn to pure love "Kelch Der Liebe". The lachrymose and sincere "Nachtschatten", the atmospheric and deeply pleasing to the soul "Letzte Ausfarht: Leben" or the long epic "Hohelied Der Liebe" are also stunning pieces.

"Lichtgestalt" is another brilliant release from Lacrimosa, an album every Lacrimosa fan must own. Nevertheless, if you are new to the sound of this band, I would recommend you to check out albums like "Elodia" and "Stille" first since they represent the grandeur of Lacrimosa in all aspects.

"Ein Leben ohne Liebe ist kein Leben…"
"A Life without Love is not Life…"


Written on 05.12.2005 by KwonVerge

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