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The legendary "Inferno" as a double LP

Together with Reigning Phoenix Music we have prepared something special: The legendary 'Inferno" as a double LP with colored vinyl, limited to 500 copies each.
You can now pre-order this precious piece at RPM, but also in our and the other stores.

Release: 12. July 2024
Inferno is strictly limited to 500 red-white-black marbled and 500 yellow-white-orange-red marbled "Inferno" double LPs (180g) in gatefold incl. booklet.

Side A:
1. Intro/Lacrimosa Theme (02:12)
2. Kabinett der Sinne (09:18)

Side B:
1. Versiegelt glanzumströmt (07:28)
2. No Blind Eyes Can See (09:17)

Side C:
1. Schakal (10:13) 
2. Vermächtnis der Sonne (04:09)

Side D:
1. Copycat (04:56)
2. Der Kelch des Lebens (14:03)

When LACRIMOSA released their groundbreaking " Schakal" in 1994, they were the first scene band to combine gothic and metal, and to embed this in a classical orchestration! Criticized by the metal press as too dark and by the gothic press as too hard, the band initially found themselves in a lonely position.
Two years later, LACRIMOSA headlined the Dark Winter Nights Festival, the first festival tour to unite gothic and metal bands such as THE GATHERING, SENTENCED and DREAMS OF SANITY on one stage.
The rest is history: many bands, both from the metal and gothic scene, followed their example and gothic metal and symphonic metal have become established musical styles to this day.
In the meantime, LACRIMOSA have developed and perfected their musical skills while playing shows all over the world from Argentina to China for more than 20 years and now bring it all together in this masterpiece: Passion meets perfection, pain meets redemption and darkness meets the guiding light of love!
"Inferno" was more than just a new album in 1995, it is a magical experience of pure devotion - and now available for the first time on two different colored double LPs with booklet!

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