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Schakal 1994 – 2024

With “Schakal” LACRIMOSA became pioneers of Gothic Metal and the song itself became a groundbreaking model for Symphonic, Dark Metal. In the booklet of this EP we read some of Tilo Wolff’s memories about the creation of “Schakal”:

  «In 1994, I was determined to combine the emotional depth of the heart of Lacrimosa, the lyrics, with the impact and the wideness of an orchestra with the immediate harshness of Metal. (…) I remember the words of a music manager, saying: ‘The song is too hard for Gothic fans and too dark for the Metalheads! Nobody will understand that!’ And he was initially right. The magazines wrote bad about “Schakal” and no DJ played the song. It was the year 1994 – Gothic-Metal was not invented yet!”

For the 30th anniversary, “Schakal 1994 – 2024” is now being released, a collection of all recordings – from the first demo to a previously unreleased, completely re-recorded version that exploits the full potential of this epic work in over eight minutes – as well as all professional Live recordings made from concerts around the world from 1997 to the present.

Anyone who likes «Schakal» will love this EP!


01. Schakal (Keyboard Demo)
02. Schakal (Urversion)
03. Schakal (Single Version)
04. Schakal (Piano Version 1994)
05. Schakal (Album Version)
06. Schakal (Piano Version 2020)
07. Schakal 2024 (Anniversary Version) - Previously Unreleased
01. Schakal (Live 1997)
02. Schakal (Live 2007)
03. Schakal (Live 2013)
04. Schakal (Live 2015)
05. Schakal (Live 2022)
06. Schakal (Live 2023) - Previously Unreleased    

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