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The Plage Noire line-up rotates

The Plage Noire line-up rotates: Unfortunately, Front Line Assembly will not be able to perform, but Die Krupps are at the start to take over the vacant slot. The complete line-up here!

All artists for 2023 here at a glance, divided by days: 

Fields Of The Nephilim, Blutengel, Ost+Front, Rotersand, Assemblage 23, Unzucht, Tyske Ludder, Centhron, J:Dead, Corlyx, Suzi Sabotage

Nitzer Ebb, Lacrimosa, Mesh, Zeraphine, Die Krupps, Diorama, Noisuf-X, Heimataerde, [X]-RX, Priest, Tvinna, Soulbound, Die Selektion, Beyond Obsession, Jeremiah Kane, Mental Exile

28.-29.04.2023 Weissenhäuer Strand 

Source: Sonic Seducer

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